1884 year


August 11, 2022

1884 (one thousand eight hundred and eighty-fourth) year according to the Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Tuesday. This is the year 1884 AD, the 4th year of the 9th decade of the 19th century of the 2nd millennium, the 5th year of the 1880s. It ended 138 years ago.


February 5 - Rafael Nunez is elected president of Colombia. March 21 - A law on the freedom of trade union organizations is passed in France, legalizing trade unions. April 4 – Armistice between Bolivia and Chile is signed, ending the Second Pacific War. The Bolivian territory between the Andes and the ocean coast passed to Chile, Bolivia lost access to the sea. Bolivia did not give up its claims to access to the ocean coast and a peace treaty between the countries was not concluded. April 21 - The government of Costa Rica signed a contract with the American entrepreneur Minor Keith, which marked the beginning of the mass production of bananas in southern Central America. April 22 - The United States, through its President Chester Arthur, was the first to recognize the International Association of the Congo, created under the patronage of the Belgian King Leopold II. At the same time, the rights of this association to the lands under its control are also recognized. April 24 - The German Empire establishes a protectorate over part of Southwest Africa (modern Namibia). April 27 - Venezuelan dictator Antonio Guzmán Blanco handed over the presidency to his protégé, Joaquin Jesus Crespo, for two years. May 11 - France and China sign the Convention of Friendship and Good Neighborliness in Tianjin, ending (in favor of France) their first military clash in the struggle for North Vietnam. Soon, however, a new clash followed, leading to the outbreak of a full-scale war. May 27 - Regulations on the transformation of the management of Sakhalin Island are approved. Sakhalin was removed from the administration of the military governor of the Primorsky region and directly subordinated to the governor-general of Eastern Siberia. Established the post of chief of the island. June 6 – France concludes a new Protectorate Treaty over Annam in Hue (the first Protectorate Treaty was concluded in 1874). June 28 - in Russia, the East Siberian Governor-Generalship is divided into the Irkutsk and Amur Governor-Generalships. July 5 - German Empire ustan