1894 year


July 6, 2022

1894 (one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four) year according to the Gregorian calendar is a common year starting on Monday. This is the year 1894 AD, the year 894 of the 2nd millennium, the 94th year of the 19th century, the 4th year of the 10th decade of the 19th century, the 5th year of the 1890s. It ended 128 years ago.



January 4 - Russian Emperor Alexander III and French President Sadi Carnot ratified the military convention of 1892, putting an end to the conclusion of the Franco-Russian alliance. January 6 – The Hungarian Social Democratic Workers' Party is founded.


February 5 – Anarchist Auguste Vaillant is guillotined in France after throwing a bomb into the parliamentary chamber. February 10 - A trade agreement is concluded between Russia and Kaiser's Germany, which allowed cheap Russian grain to go to the German market. The treaty arouses indignation among the German Junkers at the policy of Reich Chancellor Leo von Caprivi.


April 2 - A solemn funeral was held in Budapest for Lajos Kossuth, who died in exile. April 22 – Peasant uprising in Hodmezyovassarhely takes place in Hungary. A state of siege has been declared throughout the Alföld.


May 22 – The cabinet of Jean Casimir-Perrier resigns in France. May 25 - In Austria-Hungary, a court in the city of Cluj condemned 13 Romanian leaders (the so-called Memorandum Trial), who handed over a memorandum to Emperor Franz Joseph in 1892. The Romanian National Party is banned. May 30 – Charles Dupuy's cabinet is formed in France.


June 19 - Jules Guesde introduced a bill to repeal the law of December 12, 1893, restricting the freedom of the press in France. June 24 - At a congress in Paris, convened on the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, decisions were made to form the International Olympic Committee and hold the Olympic Games every four years. June 24 - At an exhibition in Lyon, the anarchist Caserio mortally wounded French President Sadi Carnot. June 27 - Jean Casimir-Perrier is elected president of France.


July 13 - The colony of Ubangi-Shari is separated from the French colony of the Congo. July 22 – The first motor racing competition takes place in France: the Paris-Rouen Trail. July 23 - Japanese soldiers stage a coup and bring a pro-Japanese government to power in Korea. July 25 - sunk