January 24, 2022

The year 1900 (1900) of the Gregorian calendar is a common year beginning on Monday. This is the year 1900 AD, the 900th year of the 2nd millennium, the 100th year of the 19th century, the 10th year of the 10th decade of the 19th century, the 1st year of the 1900s. In Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, and the Microsoft Office Open XML standard, the year 1900 is erroneously considered a leap year, and correction of the error is considered impractical. Since March 1, the difference between the Julian calendar ("old style") and the Gregorian calendar ("new style") is 13 days.

Significant Events

January 4 - In Russia, in the region around Tiflis, an earthquake destroyed 10 villages. At the same time, approximately 1,000 people died. March 8 – The Comedie-Francaise, founded by Louis XIV, burns to the outer walls. Among the human casualties is 22-year-old actress Yana Enriot. The new building opens on December 29th. May 11 - the cruiser Aurora is launched at the New Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg. May 28 - A total solar eclipse was observed in Portugal, Spain, Algeria and some US states. July - Chinese pogrom in Blagoveshchensk. September 8 - A deadly hurricane hit the Texas city of Galveston, claiming from 8 to 12 thousand lives. October 29 - Nearly 200 people are killed in a chemical factory explosion in New York City.

Politics and Economics

1st of January in the German Empire, the "Civil Code of Laws" (German Civil Code) and the Commercial Code come into force. Walter Hauser replaces Eduard Muller as Federal President of Switzerland. Emperor Wilhelm II (Germany) arranges a celebration in honor of the centenary of the arsenal in Berlin. 2 January – The first issue of the Kronen Zeitung is published in Vienna. The publisher of the new daily newspaper is Gustav Davis. January 3 – The French state court in Paris condemns the poet and politician Paul Derulede for high treason to 10 years in exile. January 4 – In Bohemia and Moravia, approximately 70,000 mining workers go on strike. They demand a reduction in the working day and a 20% increase in wages. In February, thousands more miners join them. Poor organization and a disastrous financial situation led to an unsuccessful end to the strike in March. February 7 - British

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