1921 year


October 17, 2021

1921 (one thousand nine hundred and twenty-first) year according to the Gregorian calendar - a common year, starting on Saturday. This is 1921 AD, 921 of the 2nd millennium, 21st year of the 20th century, 1st year of the 3rd decade of the 20th century, 2nd year of the 1920s.


In the United States, the National Boxing Association was created, which in 1962 was renamed the World Boxing Association (WBA, WBA).


January 1 - Diego Manuel Chamorro assumed the post of President of Nicaragua, replacing his nephew Emiliano Chamorro. Elections were held to the Constituent Assembly of the Far Eastern Republic, whose task was to develop a constitution for the republic and create its supreme bodies. January 16 - 119 prominent Americans, including 3 presidents, 9 secretaries of state, 1 cardinal and many other US statesmen and public figures, published an open letter condemning Henry Ford's anti-Semitic publications. January 21 - The Italian Communist Party is formed as a result of the split in the Italian Socialist Party. January 28 - near Trabzon, Turkish police drowned the chairman of the Turkish Communist Party, Mustafa Subhi, and 14 members of the CPT Central Committee in the Black Sea.


February 3 - the capture of Urga, the capital of Mongolia, by the Asian division of Baron R. F. Ungern. February 5 - on the basis of the order of the Semirechye Military Revolutionary Committee, the city of Verny, the administrative center of Semirechye, was renamed Alma-Ata. February 16 - Soviet troops crossed the southern border of Georgia. February 18 - February uprising against Soviet power in Armenia February 19 - an agreement on a military alliance between Poland and France. 19-20 February - near the village of Tabakhmela, on the approaches to Tbilisi, units of the 11th Army of the Red Army faced fierce resistance from cadets - students of a military school. The village remained in the hands of the Georgian cadets, but the Reds bypassed it and continued the offensive. February 22-27 - A conference of socialist parties from 11 countries was held in Vienna. By the decision of the conference, the International Workers' Association of Socialist Parties was created. February 25 - Units of the 11th Army entered Tbilisi without a fight. Establishment of Soviet power in Georgia. The Georgian Revolutionary Committee arrived in the city, which was transformed on the same day into S�

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