1923 year


October 17, 2021

1923 (one thousand nine hundred and twenty-third) year according to the Gregorian calendar - a common year, starting on Monday. This is 1923 AD, 923rd year of the 2nd millennium, 23rd year of the 20th century, 3rd year of the 3rd decade of the 20th century, 4th year of the 1920s.



January 1 - Works published prior to this date are in the public domain under US law. Works published later may be protected by copyright law. The date of January 1, 1923 is of particular importance, and it cannot be moved in legislation until 2019. January 27 - A 300,000-strong demonstration of workers was held in Vienna, protesting against lower wages.


February 4 - after Turkey's refusal to accept the terms of the peace treaty, negotiations at the Lausanne conference were interrupted. February 9 - A coalition of the National and Agrarian parties comes to power in Australia. Stanley Bruce becomes the new prime minister of Australia.


A plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Armenia was held. A.G. Ioannisyan was elected First Secretary of the Central Committee. March 3 - The world's first weekly news magazine, Time, goes on sale. March 14 - Publication of the first issue of the newspaper "Rastdzinad" (in the Ossetian language). The newspaper is still published today (5 issues per week). March 15 - In Paris, a conference of ambassadors of Great Britain, Italy and Japan chaired by a member of the French government secured Vilnius and the adjacent part of Lithuania to Poland.


April 5 - The Soviet Government declares by note that it does not recognize the decision of the Parisian conference of ambassadors on securing Vilnius and part of the Lithuanian territory to Poland. April 17-25 - XII Congress of the RCP (b) in Moscow. April 18 - Dynamo sports society was created. April 19 - The Egyptian Constitution was adopted, which proclaimed the country a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament. April 23 - Negotiations at the Lausanne Conference resumed.


May 8 - British Foreign Secretary George Nathaniel Curzon sent a memorandum to the USSR government, known as the Curzon ultimatum. May 10 - in Lausanne, the representative of the RSFSR, Soviet Ukraine and Georgia at the Lausanne conference, Vaclav Vorovsk, was shot dead by the former officer of P.N.

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