1924 year


July 3, 2022

1924 (one thousand nine hundred and twenty-fourth) The Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Tuesday. it 1924 AD 924th year of the 2nd millennium, 24th year of the XX century, 4th year of the 3rd decade of the XX century, 5th year 1920s. It ended 98 years ago.


In January, by decision of the Central Committee of the RKSM, the journal Smena was founded as a "two-week journal of working youth." January 1 - The publication of the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda begins in Moscow. January 10 - The British submarine L-34 sank in the British Channel (English Channel) - 43 people were killed. January 12 - The Wafd party wins the parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of Egypt. January 21 - The "leader of the world proletariat" and the main ideologist of the Bolsheviks, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, died. January 22 – James Ramsay MacDonald becomes the first Labor Prime Minister of Great Britain. January 25 - Opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix (France, Alps). January 26 Petrograd renamed to Leningrad. The Second Congress of Soviets of the USSR opened in Moscow. Saad Zaghlul, the leader of the Wafd party that won the election, became the prime minister of Egypt. January 27 - V. I. Lenin is buried in the Mausoleum, on Red Square. January 29 - A three-day plenum of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) opened in Moscow, which decided on Lenin's call to the party. January 30 - In the evening, the Second Congress of Soviets of the USSR resumed its work, which interrupted its work on January 27 in connection with the funeral of V. I. Lenin. January 31 - The II Congress of Soviets of the USSR approved the first Constitution of the USSR. February 1 - Great Britain recognized the USSR. February 5 - in connection with a wave of spontaneous renaming, the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR adopted a resolution "On the prohibition of renaming in the name of V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin without prior permission from the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR" February 7 - The Italian government of Benito Mussolini recognized the USSR. February 9 - The Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is formed as part of the Azerbaijan SSR. February 13 - The South-Eastern Region, the future North Caucasus Territory, is formed in the USSR. February 15 - Lenin's call to the RCP (b) began in the USSR. February 25 - The plenum of the Central Committee of the Bukhara Communist Party approved the initiative on national delimitation in Central Asia. February 29 - finally �