May 22, 2022

1939 (one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine) The Gregorian calendar is a non-leap year starting on Sunday. This is 1939 AD 939th year of the 2nd millennium, 39th year of the XX century, 9th year of the 4th decade of the XX century, 10th year 1930s. He passed 83 years ago.


The year 1939 was largely determined by the outbreak of World War II (since September), which became the largest and deadliest conflict on a planetary scale in the history of mankind, which led to a number of global socio-economic consequences: the declaration of martial law and general mobilization regimes, political and national protests , mass persecution and repression, which subsequently became the main reasons for the subsequent cancellations of mass events around the world over the next 6 years.


January 7 - The National Assembly of El Salvador passed constitutional amendments allowing dictator General Maximiliano Hernandez Martínez to be re-elected for a second term and increasing the presidential term from 4 to 6 years. January 13 - The Kingdom of Hungary joins the Anti-Comintern Pact. January 26 After fierce fighting, the troops of the Spanish Republicans left Barcelona. At the famous conference on theoretical physics in Washington, the scientist Niels Bohr announced the discovery of uranium fission. January 29 - the 212 rocket, developed under the leadership of S.P. Korolev, was tested in the USSR.


February 2 - The USSR breaks off direct diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Hungary. February 4 - Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the creation of the Penza region as part of the RSFSR. February 9 - The Spanish Civil War: the island of Menorca came under the control of the Francoists. By decree of Franco, all participants in the republican left and democratic movement from October 1, 1934 were declared criminals. February 11 - Spanish Civil War: Republican government of Juan Negrin returns from Valencia to Madrid. February 12 - A royal government headed by Count Pal Teleki is formed in Hungary (until April 3, 1941). February 27 - Spanish Civil War: Britain and France recognize the Nationalist government of Francisco Franco in Spain.