May 28, 2022

1940 (one thousand nine hundred and fortieth) The Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Monday. it 1940 AD 940th year of the 2nd millennium, 40th year of the XX century, 10th year of the 4th decade of the XX century, 1st year 1940s. He passed 82 years ago.


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1st of January The USSR recalled its consul in Italy due to anti-Soviet demonstrations in Rome. In the Azerbaijan SSR, Azerbaijani writing was translated from the Latinized alphabet into the Russian alphabet. January 2 - The Red Army begins a general offensive on the Karelian Isthmus against the Finnish troops. January 3 In Prague, the Nazis carry out mass arrests of independent journalists and former officers of the Czech army. Finnish planes are dropping more than 3 million leaflets over Leningrad. 4 January In Germany, Hermann Goering establishes complete control over the country's military industry. In Tokyo, the Soviet plenipotentiary was given a check with the last installment of Japan for the purchase of the Chinese Eastern Railway. January 5 - The Soviet 18th division north of Lake Ladoga is surrounded by Finnish troops. January 7 - S. K. Timoshenko is appointed commander of the Soviet troops on the Finnish front. January 11 - the honorary titles of Honored Teacher of the RSFSR and Honored Doctor of the RSFSR were established in the USSR January 15 - Soviet air forces carry out massive bombardments of Finnish positions near Summa. January 17 - Soviet troops are defeated near Salla and retreat 19 km. January 19 - Soviet troops successfully repulse Finnish attacks near Salla. January 20 - In London, Winston Churchill invites a number of European countries to join the anti-Hitler coalition and condemns the USSR for invading Finland. January 21 – The Pope condemns the German occupation of Poland in the Vatican. January 22 - Finland announces the creation of a voluntary foreign legion to help in the war against the USSR. January 25 – The Canadian Parliament is dissolved over disagreement over preparations for war. January 26 - In Poland, the Nazis forbid Jews to use the railroad. January 27 - The Foundling comedy film, the first Soviet family film, is released on the screens of the USSR. January 29 - government