May 28, 2022

1948 (one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight) The Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Thursday. it 1948 AD 948th year of the 2nd millennium, 48th year of the XX century, 8th year of the 5th decade of the XX century, 9th year 1940s. He passed 74 years ago.



1st of January The republican constitution of Italy came into force. India appealed to the UN Security Council with a complaint against Pakistan, accusing it of aggression against Jammu and Kashmir. January 4 - Burma gains independence from Great Britain, and the country's first constitution comes into force. U Nu became the head of the government. January 5 - Lin Biao ordered the formation of 7 new infantry brigades for an offensive in Manchuria. January 7 Chiang Kai-shek arrived in Shenyang and changed command of the front in Manchuria in anticipation of the onset of the communist forces. Cancellation of parliamentary mandates of communists in Brazil. The Mantell Case: Pilot Thomas F. Mantell died while chasing a UFO over Kentucky. January 10 - The two-day III Conference of the Hungarian Communist Party opened, putting forward the slogan addressed to the working people: "Your country, you build for yourself!" A course has been set for the complete seizure of power in the country. January 12 Mahatma Gandhi went on a hunger strike to protest the clashes between Muslims and Hindus. The murder of Solomon Mikhoels January 15 - Pakistan addresses the UN Security Council with a complaint against India. January 17 - Indonesia and the Netherlands signed the Renville Agreement, which provided for a ceasefire. The van Mook line, which separated the Indonesian and Dutch troops, became the temporary border. January 18 - Representatives of the Hindus and Muslims of Delhi vowed before Mahatma Gandhi to maintain peace between the communities and extend it to all of India and Pakistan. January 20 - Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in Delhi. No one was injured in the bomb explosion. January 22 - Nicaragua's new constitution is adopted. January 23 - The left-wing government of Indonesia, led by socialist Amir Sharifutdin, resigned. January 24 - Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between Hungary and Romania is signed. January 28 - A "presidential cabinet" is formed in Indonesia, headed by Vice President Mohammad Hatta. January 30 In Delhi a member