1957 year


July 6, 2022

The year 1957 (one thousand nine hundred fifty-seven) in the Gregorian calendar is a common year beginning on Tuesday. This is the year 1957 AD, the 957th year of the 2nd millennium, the 57th year of the 20th century, the 7th year of the 6th decade of the 20th century, the 8th year of the 1950s. It ended 65 years ago.



1st of January According to the results of the referendum, the Saarland moved away from France to the Federal Republic of Germany. Egypt denounced the Anglo-Egyptian treaty of 1954. In the USSR, wages were raised for low-paid categories of workers, and taxes on scholarships and minimum wages were abolished. January 6 - Italian Foreign Minister Gaetano Martino announced Italy's support for the Eisenhower Doctrine. January 8 - A general strike begins in French Algeria and lasts until February 4. January 9 Khrushchev thaw: By decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the autonomies of the Balkar, Chechen, Ingush, Kalmyk and Karachay peoples, abolished in 1943-1944 in connection with their deportation to Central Asia, were restored. These peoples are allowed to return to the Caucasus. The Hungarian uprising of 1956: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR V. V. Kuznetsov delivered a speech at the UN "Stop using the UN in the interests of the inspirers of the counter-revolutionary rebellion in Hungary." January 10 - Harold Macmillan becomes British Prime Minister after Anthony Eden resigns. January 14 - The Italian government decided to join the Common Market and Euroatom. January 15 In Egypt, a law was passed on the "Egyptization" (transfer into the hands of the Arabs of Egypt) of foreign banks, foreign trade, industrial and transport companies, primarily British and French. Cuban Revolution: The Cuban government announced the suspension of constitutional guarantees. US Private Investment Guarantee Agreement concluded in Turkey. January 16 - War of Independence of Algeria: in Algeria, an attempt was made on the commander of the French army in this colony, General Raul Salan. The French conspirators, accusing Salan of insufficient hardness, fired a bazooka at the windows of his office. Salan was not injured, his adjutant died (The story with the bazooka). January 17 Cuban revolution: in Cuba, the rebels led by Fidel Castro made the first