January 24, 2022

1960 (one thousand nine hundred and sixty) year according to the Gregorian calendar is a leap year starting on Friday. This is the year 1960 AD, the year 960 of the 2nd millennium, the 60th year of the 20th century, the 10th year of the 6th decade of the 20th century, the 1st year of the 1960s. In 1960, 17 African states gained independence, so the year was called the "Year of Africa".



1st of January The French Trust Territory of Cameroon gained independence. The new constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam came into force. A small monetary reform took place in Israel, one Israeli lira began to be divided not into 1000 prutot, but into 100 agorot. The Supreme Council of State and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Iraq have approved a law authorizing the activities of political parties. January 2 Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy announced the start of the race for the presidency of the United States. The king of Laos, Savang Vathana, received the leaders of the coup on 30 December 1959 and urged them not to jeopardize the fate of the monarchy by their actions. January 3 - In Portugal, communist prisoners, led by the future leader of the Portuguese Communist Party, Alvaro Cunhal, escaped from Caxias prison. January 5 - The king of Laos again received the leaders of the coup on December 30, who transferred power to him. Ku Abhay, chairman of the Royal Council, has been appointed prime minister. His cabinet was sworn in on January 7th. January 6 - DC-6 crash near Wilmington. January 9 - A solemn ceremony of laying the Aswan high-rise dam was held in Egypt. January 13 - The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR is abolished, its functions are transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Union republics. 14 January – The Democratic Republic of Vietnam passes an electoral law formally introducing universal direct suffrage by secret ballot. January 15 - The USSR adopted the Law "On a new significant reduction in the Armed Forces of the USSR" (by 1,200,000 people). January 18 Radio Cairo reported that the USSR would build the second stage of the Aswan Dam. Vickers Viscount disaster in Charles City. January 19 – U.S. Secretary of State Christian Archibald Herter and Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi sign the Mutual Security and Cooperation Treaty between Japan and Japan in Tokyo.

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