May 28, 2022

1962 (one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two) The Gregorian calendar is a non-leap year starting on Monday. it 1962 AD 962 year of the 2nd millennium, 62nd year of the XX century, 2nd year of the 7th decade of the XX century, 3rd year 1960s. He passed 60 years ago.



1st of January The state of Western Samoa proclaimed state sovereignty. The Air Code of the USSR was put into effect. January 7 - Lev Landau got into a car accident on the way from Moscow to Dubna. After the accident, Landau did not engage in scientific activity until his death in 1968. January 22 – Tanganyika Prime Minister Julius Nyerere resigns. He was replaced by Rashidi Kawava. January 27 - An-10 disaster in Ulyanovsk. 13 dead.


February 2 is a parade of planets, in which seven of the eight planets of the solar system participated (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto). February 3 - The United States imposes a total embargo on trade with Cuba. February 4 - The second General National Assembly of the People of Cuba adopted the Second Havana Declaration condemning the decision to expel Cuba from the Organization of American States (OAS) and accusing the United States and the "oligarchic governments" of Latin America of plotting against Cuba. February 9 - pre-conscription military training is canceled in secondary schools of the USSR. February 10 - on the border of West and East Berlin, an American pilot Francis Powers, who was shot down over the territory of the USSR, was exchanged for the Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel. February 19 - Another meeting of the leaders of the three opposing Laotian parties was held in Geneva. February 20th 3rd US manned launch, 1st orbital flight. John Glenn on Mercury 6. In the USSR, measures to combat bribery have been tightened. Bribery on an especially large scale is punishable by 8 to 15 years in prison or by firing squad with confiscation of property. February 28 - The draft constitution for Northern Rhodesia is published.


March 1 - Boeing 707 crash in New York. March 2 - As a result of a military coup in Burma, the Revolutionary Council, headed by General Ne Win, came to power. The Revolutionary Council issued a political declaration "The Burmese Road to Socialism". 4 Mar