May 22, 2022

238th (two hundred and thirty eighth) year after The Julian calendar is a common year starting on Monday. This is 238 AD, 238th year of the 1st millennium, 38th year of the III century, 8th year of the 4th decade of the 3rd century, 9th year of the 230s, first/second year of the 254th Olympiad (since July). He passed 1784 years ago.


In the history of Rome, the year is known as the year of the six emperors. Consuls Gaius Fulvius Pius and Pontius Proculus Pontianus. Consul-suffect Publius Licinius Valerian. April - In Africa, the inhabitants killed the procurator appointed by Maximin and ruining the country. In Tizdra (near the modern city of El-Jem), the consul Gordian and his son Gordian were proclaimed emperors. They arrived at Carthage. Africa and Libya seceded from Maximinus. The Senate declares Maximin deposed, and two Gordians - Augusts. April-May - Emperors of Rome Gordian I, Mark Antony (159-238), and Gordian II, Mark Antony (191-238). April - Maximin moved to Italy and crossed the Alps. Early May - The Gordians were opposed by the August III Legion, which was stationed in Numidia, led by the governor of Numidia, Capelian, and the Carthaginians. Capelian defeated Gordian II, who died. Gordian I committed suicide. The Senate proclaims the senators Balbinus and Maximus Augustus, and also, under pressure from the people, makes Gordian III, the grandson of Gordian I, Caesar. May-July - Emperor of Rome Balbinus, Decimus Caelius Calvin (178-238). May-July - Emperor of Rome Maxim I, Mark Clodius Pupien (164-238). May 238 - February 244 - Roman Emperor Gordian III, Mark Antony (225, 20.1-244, 11.2). Maternal grandson of Gordian I. Maximus went to fight Maximinus, while Balbinus remained in Rome. Maximinus laid siege to Aquileia in northern Italy, but was unsuccessful. In anger, he executed his generals. His warriors are in distress. 10.5 - Maximinus is killed by soldiers. May - Troubles in Rome. The struggle between the Praetorians and the people. Fire in Rome. July - During the Capitoline competitions, the soldiers killed the emperors Maximus and Balbinus and proclaimed Gordian Augustus. III August Legion defeated and disbanded. The performance of the Carthaginians is suppressed. The beginning of the offensive of the Germanic tribes in the Black Sea region against the empire. The suppression of the uprising of the governor of Liaodong Gongsun Yuan. The Goguryeo people helped the Wei troops.

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