60th Rifle Division (2nd Formation)


July 3, 2022

The 60th Rifle Sevsk-Warsaw Red Banner Order of the Suvorov Division was a tactical formation of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army in the Great Patriotic War. The period of hostilities from September 26, 1941 to May 9, 1945.


The division was created on August 15, 1941 by renaming the 1st Moscow Rifle Division of the People's Militia (Leninsky District). It was part of the 33rd Army of the Reserve Front. On August 26, the 1283rd Rifle Regiment of the 60th Rifle Division was sent to the 24th Army on the Desna River, to replace the 100th Rifle Division, which had been put into reserve. The rest of the units remained in the second echelon near Spas-Demensk. On September 29, she took up defense at the turn of Myshkovo-Sinchaevo, having one regiment in the second echelon of Darna, Bolva. The 1283rd regiment of the division had to meet the Typhoon one of the first, already on October 2nd. The further fate of the regiment is unknown. The rest of the division since October 3, 1941 fought in the encirclement to the north of the city of Spas-Demensk, Kaluga region. By the evening of October 7, the remnants of the division were southeast of Yukhnov, already captured by the Germans, west of Kaluga. Some rear units of the division (complete medical battalion) came out of the encirclement. In November, the division was understaffed with the remnants of the 303rd Rifle Division, and the 875th Howitzer Artillery Regiment was included in its composition. The division was transferred to the city of Serpukhov to cover the gap formed after the fall of Kaluga. In the course of stubborn positional battles, the division lost a significant part of its composition. On November 14, only 470 active bayonets remained in the entire division, in the 969 artillery regiment there was not a single serviceable gun, and the 71 separate anti-tank fighter division had only two 76 mm guns. On December 21, the division launched a counteroffensive in the direction of Maloyaroslavets. On January 1, 1942, the 60th division was withdrawn to the Headquarters Reserve. In January 1942, the division was understaffed in the Serpukhov region and transferred by rail to the Cherny region, where on February 4, 1942, it was placed at the disposal of the commander of the 3rd Army of the Bryansk Front. From February 16, 1942, the division fought fierce battles in the Krivtsovsky direction. From April 14 to June 26, 1942, the division took up defensive positions in the second echelon of the 61st Army. On June 27, 1942, the division again became part of the 3rd Army