YEAR 2011


October 17, 2021

ANO 2011 (Action of disgruntled citizens - Czech. Akce nespokojených občanů; the abbreviation ANO coincides with the word ano, meaning Yes in Czech) is a centrist political party in the Czech Republic.


The party was founded in 2011 by the Slovak-born billionaire Andrei Babis, the owner of Agrofert. The goals of the new party were declared to be the fight against corruption and other shortcomings of political life. In general, the party does not adhere to any specific ideology, but uses public discontent with a series of political scandals in the Czech Republic. The party also advocates the abolition of parliamentary immunity, lower taxes for entrepreneurs, lower electricity tariffs, and assistance in finding jobs for people of pre-retirement age and people with disabilities. The party also seeks to cleanse the police, prosecutors and state supervisory bodies from people associated with politics, and also intends to double funding for science. The party leader also positions himself as a successful manager, opposing himself to traditional Czech politicians. In addition, Babish, in numerous pre-election interviews, tries to present himself as a person from the people who is familiar with his interests and needs, despite his condition. Following the 2013 parliamentary elections, the party received 18.65% of the vote and 47 seats in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies. In the coalition government formed after the elections, the party received 6 ministerial portfolios. Andrei Babish became First Deputy Prime Minister for Economics and Minister of Finance. In the elections to the European Parliament in 2014, ANO came out on top in terms of votes (16.3%) and won 4 seats, entered the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe faction. According to the results of the parliamentary elections in 2017, it became the first in terms of the collected votes (29.64%, 1.5 million votes) and received 78 out of 200 seats. This has become her biggest success since the day she was founded.

Election Results

Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

European Parliament elections


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