Eurofighter Typhoon


January 24, 2022

Eurofighter Typhoon is a fourth-generation multirole fighter. The Typhoon was designed and manufactured by Eurofighter GmbH, established in 1986 by a consortium of Alenia Aeronautica, BAE Systems and EADS. Studies of a promising aircraft began in 1979. The serial production of the fighter is currently underway. The aircraft was put into service with the Air Force: Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Austria and Saudi Arabia. Contracts for delivery to Oman, Kuwait and Qatar were signed.

History of creation

1983 - the beginning of the engine development program (EFA-Programm) based on the RB 199 engine of the Tornado multi-purpose aircraft. According to other sources, the engine is being created on the basis of the experimental Rolls-Royce XG.40 engine, bench tests of which were carried out in 1988. 1986 is the founding year of the Eurojet Turbo GmbH consortium for the design, development and subsequent production of the EJ200 engine. The founders of the consortium were: Rolls-Royce (Great Britain), FiatAvio (Italy), ITP (Spain) and MTU Aero Engines (Germany). The Eurojet Turbo GmbH consortium is located in Hallbergmoos, a suburb of Munich, and is contractually bound by the NETMA (NATO) agency, which, in turn, is a partner of all these states. 1988 - signing a contract for the development of the engine. 1991 is the first test. 1994 - the first flight of the Eurofighter. 1998 - contract for the production of an experimental batch. 2000 - completion of flight tests and admission to flight operation. 2001 - delivery of the first serial engines. 2003 - the beginning of mass production with full operational readiness. 2004 - signing of a contract for the production of the second batch (tranche) of engines. 2005 - at the end of August, 10,000 engine hours were reached, 277 engines were delivered by the end of October. 2007 - 35,000 engine hours reached. Engine development Design requirements for the EJ200 engine: increased specific thrust to achieve high aircraft maneuverability; multimode; ensuring high specific thrust and low specific fuel consumption in cruising flight conditions, both at subsonic and supersonic speeds; improved manageability; a significant increase in the resource of the engine and its components; high

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