January 24, 2022

Townscaper is an indie city builder game released for Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Android and IOS. The game has a simple interface and low poly graphics.


Townscaper has no intrinsic purpose or plot, the developer calls it "more of a way to kill time" than a full game. Users build island cities by placing and removing colored blocks in the ocean. Various "rules" dictate the appearance of these blocks, some looking like spiers and others like balconies. This rule-based decorating method allows you to create arches, gardens, and stairs without special user instructions.


Townscaper was developed by Swedish developer Oskar Stolberg, who previously worked on Bad North. Ståhlberg gave a talk at the IndieCade Europe 2019 event during development that showcased some of the game's features, including terrain generation and procedural building design.


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