USS Enterprise (CVN-65)


January 24, 2022

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) ("Enterprise") is a US Navy nuclear attack aircraft carrier. The world's first aircraft carrier with a nuclear power plant. Commissioned in 1961. The first and only ship of its project, despite the five ships of the series planned for construction. The total cost of the Enterprise reached $451 million, which was one of the reasons why the construction of a series of ships was abandoned. It has the largest (342.3 meters) length among the warships of the world. The First, the Finest ("The First and the Best") is the aircraft carrier's motto. One load of nuclear fuel is enough for 13 years of service, during which time the ship can travel up to 1 million miles. The total ammunition of weapons is 2520 tons.


The competition for the design of the reactor core for the Enterprise and Long Beach involved five companies that are certified suppliers of nuclear reactors for the fleet: Babcock & Wilcox Co., Barberton; Metals & Controls, Inc.; United Nuclear Corp.; Westinghouse Electric Corp., Atomic Fuel Department; Combustion Engineering, Inc., Windsor. In the end, the Westinghouse project won with a purchase price of $7.8 million per unit in 1958 prices. Due to the budget overrun, the Enterprise did not install the planned Terrier anti-aircraft missile system (SAM). Instead, the ship's defense system was equipped with three short-range RIM-7 Sea Sparrow SAM launchers (PU), subsequent upgrades added two NATO Sea Sparrow (NSSM) SAM launchers and three Phalanx CIWS SAMs. The Enterprise was equipped with the SCANFAR radar system, based on a phased array antenna, providing an advantage over traditional rotating antenna radars. The Enterprise became the only aircraft carrier with nuclear reactors, carrying eight A2W type reactors.


Laid down 15 November 1957 at Newport News Shipbuilding. Launched on September 24, 1960. On January 12, 1962, he made his first voyage, which lasted 3 months, during which sea trials and exercises were carried out in order to identify the full capabilities of the aircraft carrier, under the command of the ship's commander Vincent Depot. The “baptism of fire” of the aircraft carrier was the Caribbean crisis - the ship as part of the forces of the 2nd Fleet of the US Navy was involved in the operation to blockade Cuba by sea. Then for several years he kept watch in the Mediterranean Sea. July 31, 1964 Gibraltar left the so-called. "The first opera

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