Sound track MK


May 22, 2022

"Sound Track" (later also known as "ZD Awards") is a musical column in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, in the future - a monthly hit parade under the auspices of the newspaper, as well as an annual award in the field of popular music based on the results of this hit parade.


Yu. V. Filinov, who created its first release in the fall of 1975, became the founder and first presenter of the Soundtrack. The rubric informed the audience about existing Soviet performers and some foreign pop stars (usually from socialist countries). One of the notes of the first issue was dedicated to Anna Herman's new disc. In 1977, for the first time, readers were able to express their preferences in writing. Based on audience surveys, the first "Music Parade" (subsequently renamed the "Soundtrack Hit Parade") was compiled and published. The hit parade of 1977 included 9 songs by the singer Alla Pugacheva. The heroes of the popularity lists of the late 1970s - early 1980s also became Valery Leontiev, Yaak Yoala, Yuri Antonov, Ivo Linna, Mikhail Boyarsky, Roza Rymbaeva, Sofia Rotaru, "Pesnyary", "Time Machine", "Earthlings", the group " ABBA" and others. The first award ceremony based on the results of the Soundtrack reader poll was held in January 2003 at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.




Best ABBA disc - ABBA (815) "Mirror of the Soul I" - Alla Pugacheva (772) "According to the wave of my memory" - David Tukhmanov (657) Wings (642) "Mirror of the Soul II" - Alla Pugacheva (401) Bee Gees (317) Image - John Lennon (315) "Russian Pictures" - "Ariel" (270) "I'm Almost Famous" - Cliff Richard (269) "Pesnyary III" (216) Best song "Stop the music" (Tukhmanov - Kharitonov) - Tynis Myagi, Valery Pavlov (743) "Shakespeare's Sonnet" (Gorbonos, translated by Marshak) - Alla Pugacheva (602) “How young we were” (Pakhmutova - Dobronravov) - Alexander Gradsky (549) "The Cry of a Bird" (Mulyavin - Rybchinsky) - "Pesnyary" (542) “Song about me” (Zatsepin - Derbenev) - Alla Pugacheva (511) "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" (Pakhmutova - Dobronravov) - "Pesnyary" (335) "Photographs of loved ones" (Tukhmanov - Kharitonov) - Jaak Yoala (309) "Song of the first grader" (Khanok - Shaferan) - Alla Pugacheva (264) “Kings can do everything” (Rychkov - Derbenev) - Alla Pugacheva (206) "Not