November 28, 2021

Index.html (English Index "index" + .html - extension, index file, index file) is the traditional name of a file that is used as an index for a website directory. The index file is searched by default by the web server if the URL is not a file, but a directory. The file is usually written in HTML hypertext markup language. For example, will check the site root for its index file, and will check the products directory. The behavior can be overridden, for example, in .htaccess, CNC. The name of the index file is specified in the server software settings. Traditionally, the value of this setting is set by default as index.html and can be supplemented with other options or changed to any other. IIS considers default.htm to be the default file, and some web servers consider it to be a set at once: index.html, index.htm, index.php, index.php3, index.phtml, index.shtml, default.htm, default.html. If none of the files specified in the settings exist on the server, the server software may display an automatically generated listing of all files in the specified directory or some kind of access error (403 or 404).


What is the index.html page? (English) - an example of a catalog index in the form of a listing generated by nginx.

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