August 11, 2022

Jamaica is a country on the island of the same name in the Caribbean Sea. The surface of the island is 10,990 km², which ranks it third in size in the Greater Antilles. Jamaica is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean, behind Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Bahamas. It is located about 145 km south of Cuba, and 191 km west of Hispaniola. Members of the indigenous Taino people called this island Shaimaka, which in the Arawak language means the land of wood and water or the land of spring. Until 1665, the island was a Spanish possession and was called Santiago, after which it passed into the hands of the English (later Great Britain), when it was called Jamaica. It gained full independence from the United Kingdom on August 6, 1962. About 2.8 million people live on the island, which ranks Jamaica third in terms of population among the Anglophone countries of America, after the USA and Canada. The largest and capital city is Kingston, with 937,700 inhabitants. Due to the large emigration from the country around the world, there is a large Jamaican diaspora. At the head of the country is Queen Elizabeth II of England, considering that Jamaica is one of the members of the Commonwealth. Its representative in Jamaica is the Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen. The government is headed by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a bicameral assembly consisting of the Senate, whose members are appointed by the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister, and the House of Representatives, whose members are elected by election.



Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. It is located between 17 and 19 degrees SGŠ and 76 and 79 degrees ZGD. Mountains, including the Blue Mountains, dominate the interior of the island, while the coastal part includes a narrow plain. The most important cities, including Kingston, on the south coast of the island are: Portmore, Spanish Town, and Mandeville, while on the north side are Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Negril, and Montego Bay. Kingston Harbor is the seventh largest natural harbor in the world. .

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The climate in Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather, although it is more temperate at higher altitudes in the interior of the island. Some areas on the south coast, such as the plains of Ligvaneia or Pedro, are relatively dry. It is located in the hurricane belt, so it is sometimes exposed�