January 21, 2022

January is the first month of the year and has 31 days. The beginning of the month according to the Julian calendar begins on the 14th day of the Gregorian calendar. According to the Church's calculation, the cycle of time is the fifth month.

Origin of words or etymology

January got its name from Greek (νοανουαριος) and Latin (Iānuārius). He was named after the Roman deity of gates and entrances, sun and light - Janus. January and February have been added to the calendar for the last two months, so in ancient Rome they considered winter to be without monthly periods. Among Serbs, as well as among some Slavic peoples, January is also called the "Epiphany month", sečenj, sečanj and sečko, and in Old Serbian also koložeg. For Croats, January is called similar to Old Slavonic and Serbian cutting and Ukrainian cutting, for Bulgarians big or big cutting, for Czechs icy, and for Belarusians November similar to Poles. In Old Russian, December is called similar to Slovenian.

Religious calendars

Christian Holidays

Great holidays or red letter Srbljak2. January / 20 - Saint Daniel II, Serbian Archbishop5. January / 23 - Venerable Nahum of Ohrid7. January / 25 - Christmas Nativity17. January / 4 - Saint Eustatius I, Serbian Archbishop21. January / 8 - St. Gregory of Ohrid27. January / 14 - Saint Sava, the first Serbian archbishop28. January / 15 - Venerable Gavrilo Lesnovski and Prohor Pcinjski29. January / 16 - Venerable Romilo Ravanički31. January / 18 - Saint Maximus, Archbishop of Serbia Lives of the Saints for February

Islamic holidays

Jewish holidays

Historical events

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