Jovan Djordjevic (writer)


January 21, 2022

Jovan M. Djordjevic (Senta, November 25, 1826 - Belgrade, April 22, 1900) was a Serbian writer, founder of the Serbian National Theater, creator of the text of the anthem of God of Justice.


John was born in November 1826 in Senta, to parents, father Philip the Merchant and mother Anna. Malešević. In addition to trade, his father was happy to work in the economy and beekeeping, he even published a book about it in 1860. His mother taught him to read and write before he went to school. After finishing primary school in his native Senta, he studied high school: first grade privately at home and continued in Szeged (2-4; 6), Novi Sad (5) and Timisoara (7), philosophy in Pest (8), and in 1845. He enrolled at the Pest Medical Faculty in He spent three years studying in Pest as a Tekelija scholarship holder. In the revolutionary year of 1848, he definitely stopped his studies, because his father's property was ruined, and a scholarship of 60 f. was insufficient. The following year, 1849, the great prefect of Bačka, Isidor Nikolić-Džaver, himself a famous writer, invited him to his home in Sombor. The prefect hired him as a diary student (where he spent two and a half years) and then sent him to Zagreb to complete his studies and pass the exam; during that time, his official position was waiting for him, unfilled. After graduating from Sombor, Djordjevic went to Lugos, as a court clerk, and in 1852, at the invitation of a patriot, he moved to Novi Sad to become a professor at a large Serbian high school. Here, due to Vuk's and populist ideas, he came into conflict with some members of the patronage, and (1857) he received the secretariat of the Matica Srpska and the editorial board of the Chronicle in Pest. He was the editor of the Matica Srpska Chronicle in the period 1857-1859. years old, and the only writer from the parent board, without the right to vote. Having encountered the hostility of the same factors here as well, in 1859 he responded to the offer of Danilo Medaković and accepted it, along with Ђ. Popović, co-operation of the Serbian daily in Novi Sad. Jovan Đorđević mainly led the administration and filled the educational part of the paper. The years 1860 and 1861 were decisive for his career. In 1860, he began publishing important articles about the theater, which raised the Serbs of Vojvodina and thus directly contributed to the founding of the permanent Serbian National Theater (16/7 1861) under the auspices of the Serbian Reading Room. 1861, as an ambassador to the Annunciation Council. he wrote notes from parliamentary meetings

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