Jovan Jovanović (film director)


August 11, 2022

Jovan Joca Jovanović (Belgrade, May 31, 1940 — Belgrade, August 3, 2022) was a Serbian director, screenwriter, editor and film theorist.


He was born in Belgrade on May 31, 1940. He graduated in directing from the Academy for Theater, Film, Radio and Television with the medium-length feature film Expressive Me (1967), which was declared the best film in all categories at the Young Authors Festival in New York (the jury included, among others, Steven Spielberg, Andy Warhol, Mike Nichols, Peter Bogdanovich). The documentary feature film Colt 15 Gap (1971) was awarded at festivals in Oberhausen, Utrecht, Belgrade, was included in the Anthology of Films of the Oberhausen Festival (published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the festival), and the American film historian Barnau included it in his book "History of the World documentary". Jovanović's most important documentaries are: The Running Revolution (1972), Working People Artists (1975), Narcotics (1976), The Man Who Made Systems (1990), Why Vukovar (1991). At the beginning of the 90s, he went to Ljubljana, where he lives and works. In an interview from 2010, Jovanović expressed the view that the domestic pseudo-elites are the biggest danger for the Serbian people. He is the author of the book Introduction to film thinking.


Feature films

The Distinctive Me (1967) Young and Healthy as a Rose (1971) Landscapes in the Mist (1983)


Colt 15 Gap (1971) The Running Revolution (1972) Working People Artists (1975) Junkies (1976) The Man Who Built Systems (1990) Vukovar Why (1991)


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