Jovan Hadzic


January 27, 2022

Jovan Hadžić (pseudonym Miloš Svetić; Sombor, 8/19 September 1799 - Novi Sad, 4 May 1869) was a Serbian writer from the 19th century, who was one of the opponents of Vuk's language reform. He was the founder and the first president of Matica Srpska, a corresponding member of the Society of Serbian Literature and the Serbian Academic Society.


He was born in Sombor on Mala Gospojina in 1799, and comes from the richest layer of Serbian citizens in Hungary. His parents were, father Nikola, a rich merchant from Sombor, and mother Sofija, b. Petrovic. As he lost his parents early on, he took him under his uncle, Bishop Gedeon Petrović of Bačka, in 1812. He finished primary school in Serbian and after that he enrolled in a one-year German school in Sremski Karlovci. He finished high school with great success and then his interest in spelling and poetry began. He enrolled in philosophy in Pest, but after three years of study he dropped out and began studying law. While studying philosophy, he was interested in antiquity and the ancient Greek language, and at the Faculty of Law he distinguished himself as one of the best students of Roman law. This fact largely explains the influences of the original Roman law in the Serbian Civil Code. At that time, Hadzic began writing poetry under the pseudonym Milos Svetic. In 1822, he continued his education in Vienna, where he became acquainted with Austrian law. He completed his studies in 1824. During his stay in Vienna, he had the opportunity to meet many great personalities of that time who will have a direct impact on his further work, that is. forming his legal way of thinking. He acquired the title of Doctor of All Rights in 1826, and settled in Novi Sad, where in 1834 he was appointed town senator. He married Marija Desančić in 1829 in Novi Sad. He arrived in Serbia in 1837, where as one of the leading lawyers he was a prominent figure in public life, a participant in political struggles and an opponent of Prince Milos. He remained in the Principality of Srpska until 1846, where he proved to be a great "born" legislator. He drafted bills based on the Constitution of the Principality of Serbia in 1838. His work is the Serbian Civil Code. He worked on the structure of the Supreme Court of the Principality of Serbia, but did not manage to complete the Code of Judicial Procedure. He contributed to the improvement

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