Judd Trump


May 28, 2022

Judd Trump (born August 20, 1989 in Bristol, England) is a professional snooker player.

Amateur career

He was the U-13 and U-15 champion of England, and at the age of 14 he also qualified for the semifinals of the U-21 World Cup. Also at the age of 14, he became the youngest player in history to make the maximum break in a competition, breaking Ronnie O'Sullivan's 1991 record.

Professional career

He became a professional in the 2005/2006 season. and at the Welsh Open he became the youngest player ever to qualify for a major part of a ranking tournament. In 2007, Trump became the third youngest player to ever qualify for the World Cup (younger than him were Stephen Hendry and O'Sullivan, and Liu Qihung is also on the list of 17-year-olds who qualified for the World Cup), winning last qualifying round 10-5. In the 1st round, he played against the 2005 world champion, Sean Murphy, and lost 6-10, although he led 6-5. Trump did not continue in that form in the 2007/2008 season, placing only in the 1/16 finals at the Welsh Open. He also failed to qualify for the 2008 World Cup, after Svaila retaliated in qualifying by beating him 9-10, even though Trump led 9-7. Things changed the following season, in which Trump placed in the main draw for the first 4 tournaments of the season. He profited from the Grand Prix after Graham Dot withdrew from the tournament. In the 1/8 finals, he defeated Joe Perry 5-2, despite admitting that he did not play well and that Perry felt that he had beaten Trump. Then came his biggest win of his career so far: he defeated O'Sullivan 5-4 and advanced to the semifinals, where Higgins was still better 4-6. In the qualifications for the tournament in Bahrain, he defeated the two-time world champion Mark Williams. He also won the qualifying tournament for the 2009 Masters, but was already defeated in the 1st round by Mark Allen. He again failed to qualify for the World Cup, losing in the qualifiers to Leah 8-10, although he led 6-3. He also noted that Trump did not follow the custom of apologizing for accidental interceptions and concluded: "All I have heard about him in the last 5 years is how good he is. He ruined the 6-3 advantage today and I hope he will be remembered for that." Trump finished the season within the top 32 players, for the first time in his career. He was coached by Tony Chapel for a short time. Having won the 2009 Champions League, Trump qualified for