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July 1, 2022

Dame Judi Dench (eng. Judi Dench; December 9, 1934) is one of the best and most respected English film and theater actresses of all time. She started her career in 1957, with roles in plays at the "Old Vic" theater, and continued at the "National Theater" and the "Royal Shakespeare Theatre". She interpreted numerous Shakespeare characters, such as Ophelia, Juliet and Lady Macbeth. In the 1990s, she became popular thanks to the series "A Fine Romance" and As Time Goes By. She is best known for her role as "Em" in the James Bond series, but also for the films A Room with a View, Mrs. Brown, Chocolate, Ladies in Lavender, Iris, Mrs. Henderson Presents and Scandal Notes. For the role of Queen Elizabeth I in the film Shakespeare in Love, she received the only Oscar of her career for the best supporting actress. In addition, thanks to a record twenty-five nominations for the BAFTA Award, she is considered the best British and one of the best world actresses of all time. .



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