October 19, 2021

The Avars (Pannonian or Carpathian Avars, Aubrey) are a Turkish people who ruled the Pannonian Plain between the 6th and 9th centuries.


The original Avars were an equestrian people of Turkish and Hunnic origin from Central Asia. They led a nomadic lifestyle and engaged in animal husbandry. In the 6th century (566), a part of the Avars settled in Eastern Europe, where they founded the Avar Khaganate in the area of ​​the Pannonian Plain. The Pannonian Avars were only a part of the Avar people, whose majority lived in Khazaria in the Caucasus, where they mixed with the Caucasian natives. When the Altaic Turks overthrew the supremacy of the Avar tribal alliance, which spread over a wide area of ​​Asia, the Avar tribes moved west and reached the vast hinterland of the Black Sea. In further movement, the Avars arrived in the Pannonian Plain, where, in alliance with the Lombards, and with the tacit consent of Byzantium, in 567 they destroyed the state of Gepida. The Avars became masters of the vast Pannonian Plain. The Avars formed a powerful tribal alliance, which, in addition to the defeated Gepids and Proto-Bulgarians, included a part of the Slavs, and at its head was the chief - the kagan. In 582, the Avars captured Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica), and in 584 Singidunum (Belgrade), Viminacium and Augustus. The Avars only plundered the Balkans, they did not plan to stay there forever. The southern and western Slavs withdrew from the Pannonian Plain to the territory of Sam's Empire, where Tsar Samo helped them defend themselves from the Avars. The attempt of Byzantium to prevent further Avar conquests manifested itself in the ten-year war (from 592 to 602), which ended with the defeat of Byzantium. After that event, when the borders of Byzantium on the Danube gave way, there was a real invasion of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula. The Avar state in the Pannonian Plain was destroyed by the French at the end of the 8th century during the reign of Charlemagne (768-814).

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