Constantine the Great Airport


October 28, 2021

Constantine the Great Airport (IATA: INI, ICAO: LYNI) is an airport that serves southeastern Serbia. It is located 4 km from the center of Nis in the settlements of Medosevac and Popovac on the territory of the Nis municipality of Crveni Krst. It is the second airport in Serbia in terms of the number of received passengers per year (after Nikola Tesla Airport). With favorable weather conditions during most of the year, and also with a favorable position, Constantine the Great Airport also serves as an alternative airport to neighboring airports in Belgrade, Ohrid, Pristina, Skopje and Sofia. The capacity of the airport is three planes per hour. In recent years, Nis Airport has seen a large increase in passengers. In 2019, the number of passengers exceeded 420 thousand.


The Minister of War, General Stepa Stepanović, passed a Decree that in 1908, according to the rules of the engineering captain and "aeronaut" Kosta Miletić, the station "Golubije pošta" in Niš be established in Niš. The first commander of the "pigeon station" was engineering lieutenant Lazar Kostić, and the following year a dedicated station was built for the needs of the station on Trupalsko polje. At the end of 1908, two balloons were ordered in Germany, one dragon balloon and one free balloon, which was christened "Serbia". The new Minister of War, General Radomir Putnik, approved funds for the construction of a hydrogen power plant in Nis in 1911. The following year a competition was announced The first airport was arranged near Nis on Trupalsko polje, near the Toponica railway station, and six Polish canvas hangar tents were erected. The air command based in Nis, which consisted of the Airplane Squadron, the Balloon Company and the Pigeon Post, was appointed commander of Major Kosta Miletic. -Skopje-Bitola-Thessaloniki, in the summer season from May to the end of October 1935. After the Second World War, the airport was used as a military a base. The 63rd Parachute Battalion and the 119th Helicopter Brigade, which was founded in 1945 as the 1st Air Transport Regiment, were stationed at the airport, among others. On the bed

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