October 19, 2021

Antiquity (German Antike, antik, from French antique, Latin antiquus - "ancient, ancient") is a term that denotes the period of European political and cultural history in which the leading role was played by ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient Greek civilization spread to the areas of today's Greece, Asia Minor, Sicily, southern Italy, and later in Egypt, Syria and India. Since the ancient Greek civilization could not be limited to Greece, nor only to the Greeks, the ancient Greek names Hellas and Helena are more appropriate. Antiquity covers a period of over 15 centuries, from 1000 BC. n. e. until the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476) and the closure of pagan philosophical schools in the eastern, Justinian empire around 500 AD. e.

Meaning of the term

The term antiquity has a basic and broader meaning, and there are variations within the basic meaning of what is meant by it.

Basic meaning

The term antiquity in its basic meaning in the literature includes cultures grown on the shores of the Mediterranean in the period from about 1200 or 800 BC. n. e. to about 500 or 600 AD. e, ie. approximately from the emergence of Greek city-states (polis) and Greek archaic art to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and "pagan" culture. There is a common and unbroken cultural tradition, which begins around the year 800 BC. n. e. it developed and, with various changes, was maintained for almost a thousand and a half years. n. e. Most authors consider this period separately. The term antiquity primarily implies the culture of Greece and Rome and all countries that were influenced by Greek and Roman culture. The term began to be used in Europe in the Middle Ages because the ancient Greeks and Romans were generally referred to as the "old", while the cultures and civilizations that preceded them were known almost nothing until the 19th century.

Antiquity and the Old Age

Antiquity is in the usual division of history and part of the ancient century (which begins with the emergence of the first civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3500 BC and ends with the fall of the Western Roman Empire). Antiquity is the last period of the old century, followed by the Middle Ages.

Wider meaning

In a broader sense (usually in everyday speech, sometimes in literature), the term antiquity means a long time ago, antiquity. Sometimes used

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