January 27, 2022

Arpadovići or Arpadovci, Arpadi (Hungarian: Árpádok, Árpád-ház, svk. Arpádovci), are a Hungarian ruling dynasty from the early Middle Ages. They ruled the Kingdom of Hungary until 1301. The dynasty was named after Duke Arpad (890-917) (Hungarian: Árpád). Under the leadership of Arpad, the Hungarians descended from the Prut, Dniester and Bug to the Pannonian Plain. Stephen I of Hungary was the first Hungarian king. King Koloman ruled Croatia in 1102 and Dalmatia in 1107. The Arpadovićs often had conflicts with Byzantium and Venice. With Byzantium, the Arpadovićs fought for Bosnia and Srem. In the middle of the 11th century, the Arpadovićs exhausted the royal power, so that power in the country passed into the hands of large nobles. In Croatia, Frankopani, Šubići, Gusići, Babonići and others stand out. At the end of the 12th century, the rule of Arpadović turned into ruin. With the death of the last Arpadović, Andrew III of Venice in 1301, the line of this dynasty on the Hungarian throne ends, and Arpad's lineage on the throne is inherited by the Anjou. According to the analysis of the Y chromosome of Arpadović, by Hungarian scientists The king's closest relatives according to the YHRD base live in the north of Serbia. The closest haplotype to that of King Béla was found as B1-Step-Neighbor in the YHRD. This had 32 repeats compared to the King’s 33 in marker DYS389II. This haplotype was discovered in the population living in Northern Serbia (Zgonjanin et al. 2017) According to the analysis given by the predictor of the haplogroup NEVGEN, published by the experts of the Serbian DNA project, the Arpadovićs belong to the branch R1a-Z93

Loza Arpadovića

Loza Arpadovića (Hungarian: Árpádok, Árpád-ház) Stephen I of Hungary (997-1038) Ladislav I the Holy (1077—1095) Koloman (1095—1116) Stephen II of Hungary (1116—1131) Bela II Slepi (1131—1141) Geza II (1141—1162) Stephen III of Hungary (1162—1172) Laszlo II (1162—1163) Stephen IV of Hungary (1163—1164) Bela III (1172—1196) Emerick (1196—1204) Andrija II Arpadović (1204—1235) Laszlo III (1204—1205) Bela IV (1235—1270) Stephen V of Hungary (1270—1272) Ladislav IV Kumanac (1272—1290) Andrew III the Venetian (1290—1301).



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