October 19, 2021

Austrians (German: Österreicher) in the broadest sense represent the inhabitants, ie citizens of today's Austria, and in that sense they are defined by Austrian laws. However, in a narrower, ethnological sense, Austrians today are most often defined as a Germanic ethnic group that originates from the Bavarian and Alemannic tribes. On the other hand, the separate ethnicity of the Austrians, that is, their concept as a modern nation, is a relatively new phenomenon, primarily related to certain historical events in the 19th and 20th centuries.

History of the Nation

Until the disintegration of Austria-Hungary, the term "Austrian" had exclusively regional connotations, while in the ethnic sense, the inhabitants of Austria were considered part of the wider German national corps. Thus, in 1918, the newly created Austrian state called itself "German Austria" and introduced unification with Germany as its goal. This goal was achieved in 1938 by Hitler's Nazis, but after the Second World War the Austrian state was restored, and the people of Austria embraced the concept of a separate nation in order to distance themselves as much as possible from all negative connotations related to the Greater Germany project. Apart from political circumstances, the profiling of the Austrians as a separate nation was helped by the fact that neutral Austria built a far higher standard of living after the Second World War than divided Germany, and that the attitude towards the Austrians as a separate nation enjoyed agreement among the Germans themselves. Austrians in the world United States: 1,344,000 Italy: 257,000 Germany: 189,000 Switzerland: 34,000 Slovenia: 25,000 United Kingdom: 24,000 New Zealand: 1,300 Portugal: 500 Croatia: 300 UN data Famous Austrians Alfred Adler, psychologist Ludwig Boltzmann, physicist Christian Doppler, physicist Sigmund Freud, psychologist Joseph Haydn, composer Adolf Hitler, politician, dictator Gustav Klimt, painter Gustav Mahler, composer and conductor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer Rainer Maria Rilke, writer Franz Schubert, composer Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, athlete, politician Johann Strauss, composers (father and son)

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