Aca Stepic


October 28, 2021

Aleksandar Aca Stepić (Veliko Polje near Obrenovac, August 25, 1932 - October 6, 2021) was a Serbian folk music composer, arranger and accordionist. He composed about twenty rounds and over five hundred songs, the most famous of which are: My life is a sad story (Zoran Kalezić), Sixteen summers were (Savo Radusinović), I gave my youth for love (Milanče Radosavljević), Just one drop of love ( Silvana Armenulić), I once loved and Love rules the world (Asim Brkan), You wore the ring of my mother and Šeherezada (Ljuba Aličić), One woman, eager for happiness (Šaban Šaulić) ... He won the Golden Bird of Jugoton for three million sold records and numerous other recognitions. He was a prominent pop artist.


He was born in 1932 in Veliko Polje near Obrenovac. After graduating from high school, in 1950, he began playing the accordion in Belgrade's restaurants and hotels. In Sarajevo, he meets Silvana Armenulić. He soon accepted an engagement in the Belgrade hotel "Grand", where he brought Silvana to perform with him and his orchestra. After that, Aca and Silvana performed in Skadarlija for two years, and then in the restaurant "Zvezdara". For a year, he was engaged as an accordionist in the orchestra of Radio Belgrade under the direction of Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac. After this engagement, his work in the field of folk music begins. As a permanent associate of the Radio Television of Serbia, he participated in numerous shows, such as Saturday Night, Merry Evening, Happy Village ... He also participated in numerous festivals - Ilidža, Summer Song, Belgrade Spring and events such as Caravan of Laughter and September in Ivanjica (today Nušićijada). In 1971, Stepić's composition Belgrade, Bar te zove, sung by Lepa Lukić, won the competition for a song about the construction of the Belgrade-Bar railway. As part of the cultural exchange, he was a guest several times in the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Hungary. In the period from 1972 to 1980, he performed with his orchestra at concerts for our workers abroad. He composed about twenty rounds and over five hundred songs, sold in a circulation of three million copies, for which he was awarded the Golden Bird of Jugoton. He is also the winner of the Variety Award of Yugoslavia, the Variety Award of Serbia, the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mo� festival.

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