May 19, 2022

This is an article about the state of Asia. For a suburb near Novi Sad, see the article: Bangladesh (Novi Sad). Bangladesh (Bangladesh), or officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia, which is the eastern part of the ancient region known as Bengal. Bangladesh (() literally means "Land of Bengal". It lies north of the Bay of Bengal, and has land borders with India and Myanmar. China, Nepal and Bhutan are nearby. With 168 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country in the world, prone to heavy flooding due to heavy monsoon rains, but also due to the outflow of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, which form a common delta and their basins occupy a significant area of ​​this predominantly lowland agricultural area. countries. This country, like India, has a big problem with corruption, illiteracy, poverty, weather disasters due to the strong monsoon climate that causes severe droughts and floods. In Bangladesh, there is a significant number of skilled cheap labor, working in the textile industry. The official language is Bengali, and the capital and largest city is Dhaka. The formation of Bangladesh as an independent state was influenced by the Bangladeshi Liberation War of 1971, which resulted in a large number of victims and refugees.


There has long been an advanced civilization in present-day Bangladesh, once the eastern part of the Bengal region. Recent evidence speaks of civilizations dating back to 500 BC. n. e., and there are even claims about the existence of social structures around 1000 BC. n. One of the earliest historical testimonies is the mention of the land of Gangaridai in Ancient Greece around 100 BC. n. e. The word is thought to have originated in the Gangahrd (a country with the Ganges at its center) and is believed to denote an area in Bangladesh. The Pala and Sena dynasties followed (though not directly). The fallen dynasty was Buddhist while both Sashanka and Sene were Hindus. Bengal embraced Islam in the 13th century and developed into a rich commercial and industrial center under the Mughal Empire during the 16th century. European merchants appeared in the late 15th century