Bar code


May 20, 2022

A bar code is a way of marking a product with a series of black lines that can be easily identified using special devices. It is used in the recognition of products, vehicles, wagons, packages, goods, etc. in the process of any movement / passage through a certain space. It is used wherever something needs to be recognized quickly. The most famous examples are in stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. the computer, with the help of a bar code reader, recognizes which product it is and takes the price data from the database and displays it on the invoice. At the same time, it is reported to the database that a certain product has been sold and that upon reaching the minimum anticipated quantity in stock, a new order is automatically made to the manufacturer.

Barcode types

Code 93 Code 128 EAN 128 JANA

Two - dimensional codes

These codes are also known as image codes. PDF417 MaxiCode ASDF1234


Cash registers in today's stores, especially hypermarkets, are too slow, so in the future it is planned to mark all products with RF identification stickers (the abbreviation RFID is used), which would allow the computer to know immediately which products are in the cart. Today, RFID stickers are usually marked with bar codes in parallel.

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