Boeing 707


October 18, 2021

The Boeing 707 was the first American jet passenger plane. The Boeing 707 is one of the first generation of jet passenger planes, in addition to de Havilland's Comet, Caravella SE-210, Tupolev 104, Douglas DC-8 and Conveyor 880. Although it was not the first jet to enter traffic, the 707 was the first to become commercial. successful. Design and development The Boeing B-707 was initially known as the Boeing 367-80. It took Boeing less than two years and $ 16 million to develop this aircraft. Work began in 1952 and the prototype was presented to the public on May 14, 1954. The plane first took off on July 16 of the same year. Unlike the prototype, the fuselage of the production Boeing 707 has been expanded by 15 cm so that 6 seats can be installed in one row. Boeing has maintained that hull width on all of its narrow-body aircraft to date: the 727, 737 and 757 with the exception of the 717. During the presentation of the plane to the US Air Force on August 6, 1955, Boeing test pilot Tex Johnston, to the general surprise of those present, made two turns in a row of 360 degrees in the air at an altitude of 150 m. To date, no pilot has attempted to do so with an aircraft of that size. The plane entered traffic on October 26, 1958 for Pan Am on the line between New York and Paris. The Boeing 707 quickly became the most popular aircraft of its time, unlike Douglas' main competitor, the DC-8. 1,010 civilian versions were produced when production was discontinued in 1978 and 820 military (marked KC / C-135) by 1991. Less than 40 planes remain in civilian use today. Versions: 707-120 - original 707 with JT3C engines 707-220 - the same dimensions as the 707-120 but with stronger JT4A engines, the aircraft due to high consumption did not * meet great interest from companies, only 5 were produced 707-320 - with 2 m longer fuselage and larger wings and JT4A engines, and there were subversion -320B with JT3D engines and -320C with large cargo doors 707-420 - same dimensions as 707-320 but with British Rolls-Royce Conway engines 720 (707-020) - shorter hull, simpler wings, lighter and faster than the other 707 and has a longer rangeSpecifications:

Boeing 707 aircraft in Yugoslavia

In Yugoslavia, the Boeing 707 began to be used relatively late in relation to its introduction into operational use in air transport in the world (1958). Namely, JAT (Yugoslav Aerotransport) is its first god

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