November 30, 2021

Bubanj potok is a suburb in Belgrade. It is located in the municipality of Voždovac.


Bubanj potok is located on the Belgrade-Niš highway, in the valley of the river Bolečica, where many smaller streams flow into Bolečica: Bubanj potok, Zavojnička reka, Vranovac, etc.


Bubanj stream got along the Bubanj stream. There are no houses or residential buildings in the settlement. It is located at the intersection of the highway and the Ring Road, the main road that connects the settlements on the southern outskirts of Belgrade. The most important facilities in the settlement include: The largest open car market in Belgrade, the car market "Bubanj potok" (car market). Restaurant "Bubanj potok", a restaurant with a large parking lot for trucks. During the 1999 NATO bombing, the military barracks and the huge barracks complex for training and the "Bubanj Potok" shooting range were destroyed. Main loop on the highway - Roundabout, the intersection will be widened when the bypass around Belgrade is completed In March 2007, Serbian Justice Minister Zoran Stojkovic said Belgrade's Central Prison would be relocated from downtown Belgrade to new, modern facilities being built on Bubanj Potok. In August 2017, the first Ikea in Serbia was opened in Bubanj Potok.


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