January 21, 2022

Budapest (Hungarian: Budapest / ˈbudɒpɛʃt / Hu-Budapest.ogg - Budapest), the capital of Hungary and the country's main political, industrial, commercial and transport hub, has over 1.7 million inhabitants, less than the peak reached in the mid-1980s. when it had 2.1 million. The city of Budapest is a special county (capital) within the county division of Hungary, and is surrounded on all sides by the county of Pest. Budapest occupies both banks of the Danube by merging Buda and Obuda on the right bank, with Pest on the left (eastern) bank of the Danube.


The name Budapest was created by merging the names Buda and Pest, which were united (together with Obud) in 1873. Count István Szechenyi, a Hungarian politician, writer and historian, mentions this name in his book The World, published in 1831. There are several theories about the origin of the name Budim. According to the first, which dates back to the Middle Ages, Budim was named after the founder, Bledi, predecessor and cousin of Attila the Huns. Bleda is known in Hungarian literature as Buda (Hungarian: Buda). This theory is also supported by modern historians. According to another theory, the name comes from the Slavic word water and is related to Aquincum, the ancient Roman city, which was located in this area. The origin of the name Pest is also interpreted in several ways. One of them, noted by Claudius Ptolemy, says that there was a fortress here during the Roman rule. The name of the fortress, Ptolemy states as Πέσσιον (Hungarian: Pesszion). Another theory indicates Slavic origin. It is considered to be the basis of the word peć (Bulgarian: пещ) and to be related to the word pešćera ("cave").


Budapest is located in the center of the Pannonian Plain, in the county of Pest. It covers 525 km² and is surrounded by settlements of Pest County. The road is located 216 km southeast of Vienna, 545 km south of Warsaw, 1565 km southwest of Moscow, 1122 km north of Athens, 788 km northeast of Milan and 443 km southeast of Prague. It is 378 km away from Belgrade, and 184 km from the Horgos border crossing. The lowest point of Budapest is the level of the Danube, about 90 m above sea level, and the highest 529 m (Janos hill). The city stretches 25 km in length (from south to north) and 29 km in width (east-west direction). It occupies both banks of the Danube, which enters the city from the north. The Danube has always been shallow in the part that flows through Budapest. In the middle

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