Air traffic


October 28, 2021

Air traffic is the movement of passengers and cargo by aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters. Air transport has long been a basic means of travel. The highest efficiency and value of air traffic is obtained when it comes to bridging long distances such as intercontinental transport of passengers and cargo, when it is necessary to quickly meet some urgent needs, or when the terrain configuration does not allow easy movement, or ultimately significantly increases transportation costs. . Although there are significant time and cost savings as the distance traveled decreases, air travel is often cost-effective even for relatively short distances. Air transport also provides a communication or medical link - which is sometimes vital - between different groups of people in hard-to-reach areas. Basic elements of the air traffic system Providing, continuity and improvement of air traffic of all types, requires a complex integrated system whose main components are: flight operators, aircraft manufacturers, airport terminal and air traffic control systems.

Flight operator

The flight operator provides basic flight and transportation services to passengers and customers, usually takes care of aircraft maintenance and also offers the necessary ancillary services such as luggage and cargo transportation for commercial customers.

Aircraft manufacturers

Aircraft production is a complex process and involves the cooperation of several manufacturers, usually those involved in conceptual design and assembly of aircraft and often especially engine manufacturers who again work together in the process of development, performance testing, final production of aircraft, production of spare parts and providing continuous technical support after the aircraft came into use. The design, development and production of one large aircraft or aircraft is a huge project and huge monetary expenditures that are often measured in billions of dollars or euros, so it is not uncommon for several countries to sometimes cooperate in the whole process.

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