Vaccine against covid 19


October 18, 2021

Research into the vaccine against covid 19 is a complex and arduous process launched in January 2020 in over 40 laboratories around the world, with the goal of developing a potential vaccine against the new coronavirus, which is becoming not only a medical but also a geopolitical race for the vaccine. Biotechnology company Moderna could start testing on humans in April 2020, but it is unlikely that the vaccine it is developing could be in mass use before March 2021, which would be extremely fast. More than 130 researchers entered the race for the vaccine in various phases of clinical testing, of which there are four. In the second half of 2020, only a few candidates entered the third phase, which lasts the longest and is one of the turning points in the development of any vaccine. barriers before global immunization is possible.

General information

At the moment when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic of covid 19, a great activity was launched worldwide by experts who do not develop the vaccine, because only it can prevent people from getting a respiratory infection caused by the new coronary virus type SARS-KoV-2. About 35 companies and about 40 scientific institutes have entered the race against time, of which at least four companies have vaccines in research that are currently being tested on animals. The speed at which these companies will advance in making vaccine candidates relies largely on understanding how to develop a vaccine for other coronaviruses, and then for SARS-KoV-2, because it has between 80% and 90% genetic material as and SARS, that’s why it’s called that. Both viruses have RNA inside a spherical protein capsule covered with spikes, which attach to receptors on the surface of human lung cells, after which, thanks to that receptor, they soon find themselves in the cell. Although research into coronavirus vaccines has begun more intensively since the beginning of the 21st century, when they caused two epidemics - from 2002 to 2004 it was SARS in China and in 2012 MERS in Saudi Arabia. However, work on vaccines was later postponed when the danger passed. Bearing in mind that when viruses are found inside a cell, they take over the account

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