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January 27, 2022

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... that beer was banned in Iceland from 1915 to 1918?… that near the village of Rsovci, near Pirot, the only one in the world, there is a fresco painted bald Jesus in the cave church of St. Peter and Paul? … That after the death of a family cat in ancient Egypt, family members would shave their eyebrows as a sign of grief and perform funeral rituals by drinking wine and hitting themselves in the chest. The cat would then be embalmed and placed in the family tomb. … That oil exploitation in Europe was first started by Romania, in 1875? … That the oldest known mine, the Lion Cavern, is located in Swaziland, and dates back over 40,000 years? … That the Pirot carpet does not have a face but two identical faces, which is the only case in the whole world? … That you can celebrate this holiday any day of the year, except on your birthday? … That during the operation to liberate Belgrade in the Second World War, civilian Miladin Zaric saved the mined Old Sava Bridge of demolition on his own initiative, by cutting the wire of the detonator? … That there are over 150 thousand lakes in Finland … That a hummingbird can flutter its wings up to 80 times in one second and can move at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour. … That Venus is the only known planet that rotates clockwise ?. … To spend more money on cat food in America than on baby food ?. … That Aleksandar Karađorđević was the first Serb to fly a plane. … That the painter Pablo Picasso had 15 baptized names. … That Leonardo da Vinci was known for bending iron with his bare hands? … That only a kilogram of gold can be obtained from a gold-bearing rock weighing 100 tons? … That the amount of iron in a person is enough to make one nail. … That in 2007, due to the earthquake on the Russian island of Sakhalin and the eruption of a volcano on the island of Matui, the largest country in the world, Russia, increased by another 4.5 km². … That Serbian words paprika, ćevapi and šljivovača are used in cooking and catering? … That the words vampire and paprika are Serbian words that are used everywhere in the world? … That kinophobia is the fear of dogs? … That the smallest muscle in human t�

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