Wikipedia: How to start a new page


October 19, 2021

The easiest way to start a new article is to enter the name of the article you want to write in the field below and click the Create Article button. Please search Wikipedia first to make sure that article no longer exists under that or any other similar name.

Short course

Before you start a new page, make sure that page already exists using search. It is always advisable to start a new page by following a dead link (ie a link that leads to a blank page and is red). To start a new page, just redirect your browser to: of the new page then press Enter, and then click the Create option. Once you've written a new article, try to link it to other pages as best you can.

Longer (recommended) course

Basic principles

Search to see if someone has already written the same or a similar article to the one you want to write. We recommend that you start the page with an existing link (so-called "red links" that appear in the text, but still do not contain any text). see below for more information Keep in mind that at the beginning there should be an explanation of what this article is about. If you just follow a link from an existing page and follow the context without a clear introduction beforehand, users who come to your site following another link will not know what it is about. Try to keep the page name short and clear. You must have context, ie. write a brief introduction at the beginning of a new article. For example, don't start the article with the words "This is his third novel ..." You may have come to that article using a link on the page of the famous writer X, but other users may come from another page, so they won't know who it is. You can find out more about this topic on the English page: Wikipedia: Establish context. Below you will see that you can create a page to which no existing one is linked, so you can invent the name of the new page. Are there conventions for that? For now only in English: Wikipedia: Naming conventions. It is important to choose a name wisely, because then others will more easily create links to you and you will not have to rename the page. The first sentence must be

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