Wikipedia: Media publications


October 19, 2021

Since Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation are expanding day by day, it has become necessary to address the public, make various projects, hold lectures, seminars, give announcements, interviews and the like. Here is a list of all that, what falls under the category of public relations. This list is incomplete and it would be good for everyone to complete it when they come across some relevant media coverage related to Wikipedia.


Wikipedia in the Serbian language entered the new year 2021 with 641,590 articles. January 11 - Wikipedia marks 20 years of existence - FoNet, UNS, Nedeljnik, Danas, eKapija, Novi magazin, Autonomija, Balkan TV,, ATA Stars. January 12 - Wikipedia marks 20 years of existence - H1, Telegraf, Tanjug, Cenzolovka, Noiz, Mondo, RTCG, 24sedam. - The celebration of the 20th anniversary of Wikipedia was mentioned in the show "Cultural Circles" on Radio Belgrade 2.13. January - Wikipedia marks 20 years of existence - Blic (page 8), B92, News, - Competition # 1Lib1Ref - N1, ATA Stars.14. January - Competition # 1Lib1Ref - Tanjug, Danas (page 3 of the printed edition), Dnevnik. - Wikipedia is 20 years old - Serbia today.15. January - Wikipedia celebrates its 20th birthday - Politics (front and page 8 of the print edition), RTS, Telegraf, Informer, Al Jazeera Balkans, Danas, 021, RTV Biser, BBC in Serbian, Public Service, Ed. - On the occasion of Wikipedia's birthday and the # 1Lib1Ref campaign, Gorana Gomirac gave an interview to TV IN. - The celebration of the 20th birthday of Wikipedia was mentioned within the show "Awakening with Gorica and Dragan" on radio S2. - On the occasion of Wikipedia's birthday, Deutsche Welle published an article entitled "Eight things you need to know about Wikipedia". - Competition # 1Lib1Ref - Espresso, Ours in the World, Red.16. January - Wikipedia celebrates its 20th birthday - Blic (page 32 of the print edition), Informer (page 21 of the print edition), Original magazine. - On the portal "Day in Belgrade", a competition in adding references # 1Lib1Ref.17 was mentioned. January - Wikipedia, happy 20th birthday - January 21 - Two decades of Wikipedia: The greatest treasure trove of free knowledge - Education Review (page 17). February 2 - Wikipedia adopts a new code of conduct in the fight against misinformation - Beta, N1, Danas, 021, Cruiser, Biz Life, New Magazine. February 3 - Vicky

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