Wikipedia: Rules and guidelines


October 18, 2021

Wikipedia has rules and guidelines voted by the community that describe the best ways to work and behave, explain principles, resolve conflicts, and help us in many other ways to achieve our goal of creating a free and reliable encyclopedia. There is no need to read any of the rules or guidelines before starting editing. Wikipedia's five pillars are a popular short summary of the most important rules that apply to this project. Although Wikipedia does not use strict rules, these foreigners describe its principles and the best ways to behave and work. The rules describe and explain the standards that all editors should follow, while the guidelines recommend how best to follow those standards in specific contexts. Rules and guidelines should always be applied using common sense. This site is a rule that describes community standards regarding the organization, process of creation, maintenance and adherence to rules, guidelines and other sites related to them.


Wikipedia is managed by the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, which has certain legal rights (see the list of its rules here). Also, check out the text on Jimmy Wales' role on Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia is a self-governing project run by its community. Its rules and guidelines should be the result of that community's consensus.


The rules are widely accepted in the community and describe the standards that all editors should adhere to. All pages describing the rules are in the list of rules and guidelines and in the category for rules. A summary of the key rules can be found on the Wikipedia: Wikipedia Rules page. The guidelines are a set of the most accepted ways of behaving and working that have received the support of the community through consensus. Editors should follow these guidelines, although it is also good to use common sense so that some exceptions are allowed from time to time. The pages that describe the guidelines are listed in the list of rules and guidelines and in the guidelines category. A summary of key guidelines can be found on the Wikipedia: Wikipedia guidelines page. Essays are thoughts and advice of one or more editors about which no outreach has been achieved

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