Wikipedia: Instructions / Pictures


October 28, 2021

This tutorial explains how to insert images into Wikipedia articles. That is one of the most frequently asked questions. There is also a page with extended syntax. The guide applies to images uploaded to Wikipedia as well as those in Wikimedia Commons. If you need help submitting or choosing the right image for your article, see our image usage policy and style guide. Images are protected by copyright on most Internet sites and should not be downloaded or sent here. Please send images in as high a resolution as possible, but the size of a single image should not exceed 100 megabytes. Before adding an image to an article, look at its description page to make sure that the copyright status is defined, preferably in the form of an appropriate license. Thumbnail image The image can be added to the article as follows: [[Image: ... | mini | ...]] as shown below. (Instead of "Image:" you can also use "File ::", "File:" or "File:" - editors are left to choose which of these variants to use.) Using the "mini" option, you get a reduced version of the image , whose size differs from the size of the original. There are several other options that can be used to influence the position and size of the image.

Display on the left

By default, images are displayed on the right, with text surrounding them. However, with the "left" option, the image can also be displayed on the left: [[Image: Wikipedesketch.png | mini | left | alt A drawn centipede reads a book and knocks on a laptop. | A Wikipedian is editing an article.]] The above text inserts an image called "Wikipedesketch.png", using the options "mini" and "left", the alternative text "Drawn centipede reads a book and knocks on a laptop" and the description "Wikipedian edits an article." The reader can click on the image or on the icon below it, to open the description page and the video image in its original size. The alternative text is intended for visually impaired readers. Often the article and text below the image do not describe the image itself in the right way. Therefore, alternative text can be used, which should describe the specific image in detail. Below is the same image and arbitrary text (the so-called "lorem and

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