Serbian Wikipedia


October 18, 2021

The Serbian language Wikipedia (also Serbian Wikipedia) is a version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, in the Serbian language, which was created on February 16, 2003. Wikipedia in the Serbian language received its 100,000th article on November 20, 2009, before it crossed the second milestone with 200,000 articles on July 6, 2013, and then another milestone of 500,000 articles from January 13, 2018. The number of articles on this version of Wikipedia is currently 650,335. Wikipedia in the Serbian language is the largest South Slavic Wikipedia in terms of the number of articles, and currently ranks 21st on the list of all Wikipedias (September 2021).


The Serbian language Wikipedia was created on February 16, 2003 at 9:52 PM, by an anonymous user from IP address, most likely from The Hague in the Netherlands. At the same time, it was created by Wikipedia in the Croatian language, and before that there was a joint Wikipedia in the Serbo-Croatian language. An anonymous user with an IP address of, possibly from Freiburg, Germany, translated most of the main page from English on April 22, 2003, and on May 24 of the same year, Nikola Smolenski completed the translation. Filip Brčić wrote his first article, GNU FDL, on June 26 at 2:31 AM. During September 2003, Nikola edited the main page and set the basic level of articles, and his article on wikis and Wikipedia was published in the October World of Computers, after which users began to arrive, both anonymous and logged in. In October, Nikola also translated the user interface into Serbian. At the beginning, the articles were written only in Cyrillic, and on March 3, 2006, software was introduced that transliterated the text from Cyrillic to Latin and vice versa, so the Latin alphabet became equal.


The Serbian language uses two alphabets, Cyrillic and Latin, as well as two pronunciations, ekavica and ijekavica. By combining letters and pronunciations, 4 variants are obtained (Cyrillic-Ekavica, Cyrillic-Ijekavica, Latin-Ekavica and Latin-Ijekavica), which are completely equal in the Serbian language. When the Serbian language Wikipedia was founded, it used the Cyrillic alphabet and both pronunciations. Since both alphabets are used equally, attempts have been made to use both Cyrillic and Latin in parallel. The first attempt was making

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