May 19, 2022

Vojvodina, officially the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - abbreviated APV, is an autonomous province within the Republic of Serbia. It is located in the north of the country and covers an area of ​​21,506 km2 with 1,931,809 inhabitants (2011 census, 21.56% of the total population of Serbia). The province borders Hungary to the north, Romania to the east, Croatia to the west and BiH (Republika Srpska) to the southwest. The southern border is mostly made up of the Danube and Sava rivers. The largest city in the province is Novi Sad, which is also the administrative center of Vojvodina. Other major cities (over 50,000 inhabitants) are Subotica, Zrenjanin and Pancevo.


The name Vojvodina in Serbian means the territory ruled by the duke. In the Serbian language, two more variants of the name Vojvodina are used, and they are: Vojvodina and Vojvodina. In Polish today, the name województwo is also used as a designation for a province. The name of Vojvodina originates from 1848, when the area of ​​today's Vojvodina was called Serbian Vojvodina (1848-1849) and the Duchy of Serbia (1849-1860). Since 1945, the name Vojvodina has been in official use. Official names in other official languages ​​of Vojvodina: mađ. Vajdaság Autonóm Tartomány slč. Autonomous Province of Vojvodina rum. Autonomous Province of Vojvodina rusin. Autonomous Province of Vojvodina hrv. Autonomous Province of Vojvodina Although the name Vojvodina has been used continuously since 1848, the name has a deeper historical origin, so that in 1690 and 1694 the Serbs in the Habsburg Monarchy were granted the right to a duke and a separate territory (Vojvodina), and in 9 In the 19th century, there were duchies in the area of ​​today 's Vojvodina, ruled by Bulgarian dukes.


Vojvodina stretches in the Pannonian Plain and almost all of its area (with the exception of northern Macva) belongs geographically to Central Europe, with an area of ​​21,500 km2, inhabited by just over two million inhabitants. The administrative seat of the province is Novi Sad. The geographical regions that make up Vojvodina are Banat, Backa and Srem, as well as a small northern part of Macva. The relief of Vojvodina is mostly flat, except for Srem, which is dominated by the mountain Fruška gora, and the southeast of Banat, with the Vršac mountains. The lowest point of Vojvodina is 75 m, and the highest 641 m. The greatest hydrographic potential is the Danube River with its tributaries, as the most important waterway and all