Yugoslav Army


January 22, 2022

The Yugoslav Army (abbreviated VJ) was an armed force of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It existed from May 20, 1992 to February 4, 2003. It originated from those parts of the Yugoslav People's Army which, after the disintegration of the SFRY (and the end of military withdrawals from the former Yugoslav republics), found themselves on the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Immediately after the official proclamation of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, the Yugoslav Army was renamed the Army of Serbia and Montenegro. The Yugoslav Army took part in the fight against Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija, and then in the south of Serbia. During the NATO aggression on the FRY, the VJ clashed with units of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the FRY.


The Yugoslav Army was divided into types, types into genera and services, and genera and services into types and specialties. Types of VJ were: Land Army (KoV), Air Force and Air Defense (RViPVO), Navy (RM)


The Yugoslav Army was organized in an army system where each army held its own army area. With the continuation of the great reorganization of the JNA, the armies were divided into corps, and they into brigades. In addition to the armies in the VJ, there were also training centers for infantry, drivers, armored and mechanized units and artillery, the Guards Brigade and the 46th Protective Motorized Brigade, as separate units and institutions.

Ground Forces

The Army (abbreviated to the Armed Forces) was the most numerous type of the Yugoslav Army. In total, it had 3 active armies, 7 corps, 34 brigades. The reserve consisted of 27 motorized, 42 infantry and 6 artillery brigades. It had about 1,300 tanks, 568 infantry and armored personnel carriers, 1,200 cannons, 200 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 1,665 mortars, 135 PO launch systems, 2,000 anti-aircraft guns and 60 anti-aircraft missile systems. The number of the land army was about 85,000 active members.

First Army

The First Army held the northern part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The command of the First Army was in Belgrade, and the barracks in Belgrade, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Sombor, Kragujevac, Sremska Mitrovica, Sabac and Valjevo.

Second Army

Another army held the southwest

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