time zone


January 21, 2022

The time zone is a part of the Earth's surface bounded by two boundary meridians. There are 24 time zones, and they are irregular in shape, due to the fact that they are often bounded by state borders instead of meridians, and there are also states (or parts of them) in which deviations from universal time are not integer multiples of hours (eg 15, 30 or 24 minutes). , see below). Each time zone has 15 degrees of longitude. The initial (zero) time zone is located around the initial (zero) meridian. It is called the Western European Time Zone. East of it is the Central European Time Zone, which is located between 7 ° 30` and 22 ° 30` East Longitude (IGD). Its central meridian is 15 ° IGD. East of it is the Eastern European time zone whose central meridian is 30 ° IGD. The important thing is this: when moving from a given time zone to the adjacent time zone, which is located east of it, it is necessary to move the clock hand one hour forward (for example, from 12:00 to 13:00). Conversely, when moving to the adjacent time zone, which is located west of the zone in which we are, it is necessary to move the clock hand one hour back (for example, from 12:00 to 11:00). Serbia is almost entirely in the Central European time zone. A very small part of its territory is located in the Eastern European time zone. The easternmost border point of Serbia is near Srebrna Glava on Stara Planina. The IGD of that point is 23 ° 00`43``. However, Central European time is applied in the whole of Serbia. Finally, it should be added that the International Conference in Washington in 1884 adopted (accepted) zonal time, ie the division of the country into 24 time zones. She also accepted the Greenwich meridian as the initial (zero) meridian. The author of the zonal time is the Canadian Sandford Fleming, who conceived and proposed this division in 1878.


People used to use solar time, so the time of day varied from city to city. With the advancement of telecommunications and the expansion of the railroad, the need for a universal solution grew. Time zones partially solved the problem because they set all clocks in a particular region to the same mean solar time. Due to the rapid passage of these shorter distances, the use of local time in everyday life created great problems because each settlement would have its own

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