May 19, 2022

The capital is also commonly called the capital, but capitals really only exist in monarchies, that is, states that have a ruling throne. Republics do not have capitals but capitals. The capital is determined in the following ways: Usually the capital of a state or political entity is the city where the government is located. Usually the capital is stated in the law. The capital is usually the center of important activities. In a monarchy, the capital is usually the seat of the ruler's court (which can be moved). The state can have more than one official capital. The capital does not have to be the seat of government. It can even be moved depending on the time of year. For example, South Africa has an executive capital (Pretoria), a legislative capital (Cape Town) and a judicial capital (Bloemfontein). This was due to a compromise between the various provinces that united into South Africa in 1910. In Chile, the state Congress moved from the capital Santiago to the city of Valparaiso.


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